What we do

Islamic Aid is about changing people’s lives for good. And we know that the most effective way to do this is to help people to help themselves.

In many parts of Africa, Asia and Europe, literally millions of people’s lives have been terribly affected by poverty, war and natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and crop failures.

Every single day thousands die through starvation, disease and ill health.

Islamic Aid is working on the ground to help those in greatest need, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender or politics. Over the years we have recognised that the most effective way we can operate is to focus our projects in four key areas:

  • Food, Water and Sanitation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Sustainable livelihoods

Please visit the individual sections on this website to discover more about our groundbreaking work in these vital areas and specific ways in which you can help.

Always there in emergencies

It’s the nature of our world that there will always be humanitarian emergencies. Whether it’s meeting the immediate needs of war-torn refugees or rushing supplies to areas affected by drought, floods, earthquakes and other disasters, Islamic Aid is always one of the first charities to react and get aid there fast.

Crucially, we remain on the ground long after the initial emergency has passed, helping people to rebuild their lives and their communities. Our focus is to:

  • ensure people have the essential resources to minimise, survive and recover from emergencies
  • ensure they can cope with the effects of environmental threats
  • reduce the risk of violence, forced displacement or armed conflict by working for peace and security in the communities we support
  • lobby the governments to prevent, resolve and respond to conflicts and emergencies

The people’s voice

A major part of our work centres around campaigning and lobbying those in power to adopt policies to promote justice, equality, dignity, independence and freedom. And, above all, to work towards an end to global poverty.

We ensure our collective voice is heard at important events and network with other organisations to ensure our voice cannot be ignored.

Raising awareness

As part of the above, we forge close relationships with communities in the U.S. and elsewhere to promote greater awareness of the global scale and injustice of poverty. And we encourage engagement with our work through giving, prayer and action.

Working in partnership

Very early in the development of Islamic Aid, we recognised that we are most effective when working in partnership with other local organisations on the ground in the countries where we operate.

By working together and supporting each other’s programmes, we continue to deliver a wide range of humanitarian projects that are making a lasting difference to people’s lives.

It’s a fact that thousands of people are alive today because of the work of Islamic Aid – and that means because of supporters like you.

That’s quite a thought isn’t it. And we’ll continue to bring partner organisations together and seek out new relationships so that many more people can be helped.

Please help more people to help themselves by supporting our vital work. Become a regular donor today! Thank you.