A forgotten people

Thousands of Palestinian families still face a daily struggle just to pay for essentials like food, clothing and school books.

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To add to their problems, access and mobility restrictions have been widened, adding to the poverty and unemployment. So much of the world seems to have forgotten their plight. Please support Islamic Aid in giving them aid and showing that you stand firmly alongside themselves

Khitam’s story

Mother of four Khitam Issa, lives in the village of Anin which is cut in two by Israeli barriers. Often she did not see her husband for days on end as he risked his life crossing Israeli checkpoints to get work in order to support his family. Khitam was continually afraid for her husband and struggled to feed and educate her children.

Thankfully Khitam was able to set up a couscous co-operative with the help of Islamic Aid’s ‘Fair Trade in Palestine’ programme. Now she works with five other mothers in her village to prepare fair trade couscous which is sold in the US and Europe, earning the women a fair and much needed wage.

Khitam says: “Today I have lifted some of the financial burden in my family and we’re all much happier. I make couscous with my own hands, with love from Palestine.”

Increasing restrictions

Unemployment in many areas has reached nearly one in three adults simply because of the Israeli blockade which is now in its fifth year. In Gaza things are even worse, with unemployment at nearly 45%.

Numerous international calls from other countries and from official world organisations for the Israeli barriers to be eased have been ignored and today the plight of the Palestinian people remains an offence to human dignity, freedom and peace.

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