Donate for water, food and medicines

Every day the news is full of new horrors from Syria. Inevitable thousands of innocent people are getting caught in the middle of the conflict.

More than 100,000 people have been killed since the conflict began two years ago. Over 2,000,000 refugees have fled across the borders. A further 5,000,000 have been displaced inside Syria itself.

Donate to help provide better health

The humanitarian crisis is worsening with every day. What makes things even worse is that the country’s health services have virtually collapsed, water and sanitation systems have been destroyed and basic food supplies are becoming increasingly scarce.

Islamic Aid is working tirelessly with our partner organisations on the ground to get aid to the most vulnerable people. Initially this means getting food packages, healthcare and sanitation kits, water, blankets and emergency shelters to refugees and others who have been isolated and left terrified and homeless by the conflict.

Please let these people know that they are not forgotten and not alone. By supporting our Syria Appeal you can help ensure more of our brothers and sisters are given the emergency help they so urgently need. Thank you.